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Marcella Brancaforte is an eclectic illustrator who produces artwork for magazines, reviews and books, as well as designing a broad range of illustrative material and posters. Her latest illustrations highlighted a recent research project aimed at exploring and linking art with a far-reaching array of activities beginning and ending with books: from script-reading to puppet-and-shadow theatre-performance, from traditional southern Italian story-telling to video-making. When not travelling to perform or teach, you will find her at her laboratory in Tuscania (in the heart of Etruria, northern Lazio) working on drawings, canvasses and ceramics, often commissioned by private customers.
She is a lecturer at the Fine Arts Academy in Frosinone, south of Rome.
Previously she taught at Milan's School of Comics.
She also taught illustration at Macerata's Fabbrica della Favole (The Fable Factory).
She also held art and crafts courses at the Tuscania branch of the Florentine Lorenzo de' Medici University institution.  She holds creative workshops for children and adults all over Italy, as well as abroad, both on her own behalf and in collaboration with Saskia Menting and Augusto Terenzi for the La Metaphora (The Metaphor) Association. She is Art Dirctor of the annual LibrImmaginari (ImaginaryBooks) Festival run in collaboration with Marco Trulli and the Viterbo section of the Arci Association. She also teaches in a number of public and private schools.

Telephone: (0039) 328 1822384
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